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Best Way To Bet Is On Classic Bloodstock Lines

Smart operators know that the best way to bet, is on classic bloodstock lines. If you know your blood lines, you can predict what a horse is going to achieve. Is he or she a stayer or a sprinter? In Oz, we are a young country with an impatient mindset when it comes to horse racing. It is all about breeding sprinters for a quick return and the great majority of our races are sprints and shorter to middle distances. We don’t take the time to breed and train the stayers.

Best Way To Bet Is On Classic Bloodstock Lines

This is one of the reasons why we have all these European stayers coming over here for the Melbourne Cup, that and the big bucks on offer and generous conditions for visiting operations. New Zealand that land of the long white cloud, has traditionally supplied us with quality stayers to contest our longer feature events. It seems like those Kiwis have more time to do things properly when it comes to breeding and preparing stayers. Similarly, the Irish and the Europeans have the money and the commitment to breed up plenty of quality stayers.

Zabeel was a NZ bred racehorse who graced our shores and became a champion sire. He is out of Sir Tristam (IRE) from the Nureyev mare Lady Giselle. Zabeel has produced more than 150 stakes winners, siring Might And Power and Octagonal. He was the leading sire in Australia in 1998 and 1999. Other great horses sired by him were: Efficient, Jezabeel, and Sky Heights. Danehill (US) is the most successful sire of all time, with 349 stakes winners on both sides of the equator. He was the leading sire in Britain three times and in Australia a whopping nine times. His sire was Danzig, who was sired by Northern Dancer.

More recently, the leading sires in the land Down Under have been Street Cry 2015-16, Fastnet Rock 2014-15, Redoute’s Choice 2013-14, Exceed And Excel 2012-13, Fastnet Rock 2011-12, Lonhro 2010-11, Redoubte’s Choice 2009-10, Encosta De Lago 2008-09 & 2007-08. Plenty of sprinting sires as you can see, which reflects the Australian horse racing industry as it currently stands. If you want to be a successful punter, know your bloodlines and study the form with this awareness in mind. Nowadays you can even place free bets, so what are you waiting for – get studying!

Cowboy Kitchens: In the Wild West

Cowboy Kitchens

Basically, horse studs and equestrian centres are intended to accommodate and train horses. These facilities are a bit bigger than the usual stables, in terms of the space and the features. For instance, a typical barn has a livery yard and a boarding stable. On the other hand, an equestrian centre has additional facilities for equipment repair, a tack shop and a riding school, among other things. It also has a well-designed kitchen, which is meant to serve hungry riders and stable hands. Equestrian centres that do not have full-functioning cowboy kitchens may find it challenging when making a meal for famished riders and stable hands. What they can do is refurbish their existing kitchen installation, but the management should bear in mind that renovating a kitchen can be a large project. They should think it thoroughly before they get going.

Cowboy Kitchens: In the Wild West

The selling point of horse studs and equestrian centres in Western Australia is their facilities. Aside from the provisions for horses, the amenities for the riders and the members of the centre are also taken into consideration. For instance, Spokane Equestrian Centre at Gibbs Rd, Spokane, has a huge indoor, steel framed arena, an open pasture, tack rooms, washrooms with heated water, and groomed trails for the horses. Not only that, they have bathrooms, shower rooms and a full kitchen allotted for their members.

It seems that providing comfort for these cowboys is today’s norm for equestrian centres. An equine centre in Perth offers full accomodation to riders. Aside from bed and breakfast, full kitchen facilities are available in the rider’s quarters. Another posh equestrian centre in Western Australia offers premium horse facilities, such as lunging rings, a jumping shed and a main arena. Meanwhile, family members of riders can marvel at the panoramic view of the arena from the clubhouse verandah. Kitchen facilities are also available inside the clubhouse.

Inspiration from Cowboy Kitchens

There are instances where members of the equestrian centres are bringing a touch of the Wild West into their homes. Their cowboy kitchens are adorned with the rustic natural elements, like stone and wood. The walls and windows of the kitchen have earthy tones, which bring off the western landscape. For the ceiling and floors, they incorporate log beams that engender the countryside feels of an old cabin in the Wild West.

Fillies and Mares: Equine Princesses

Fillies and Mares: Equine Princesses

Horses are one of the most beautiful and sophisticated animals on the planet. Their historical significance can be traced back as early as the Medieval era. Aside from being relied at for long travels, such as a classic tour, and moving tons of load, horses also served as the companions of male warriors back then. Hundreds of years later, equines are now involved in sports competitions. In fact, fillies and mares: equine princesses which were only used for breeding, are now taking part in horse racing events. They also play an important role in rearing the next generation of quality broodmares.

Fillies and Mares: Equine Princesses

For those who are new to the equine world, fillies are female horses that are still sexually immature to be called mares. In countries where horse racing is a big thing, fillies are horses aged five below. In three or four years, a filly will grow to become a mare.

Mares are usually used for breeding purposes. Having said that, these equines make a good race horse. Compared with their male counterpart, mares are easier to train and control. Moreover, they can outperform male thoroughbreds in horse races, too. In fact, Slate reported that Zenyatta, a mare, defeated male horses during the Breeders’ Cup Classic tournament.

In Australia, talented female equines are also winning numerous competitions. One of the most popular mare is Black Caviar. She also happens to be the best racehorse in the world. Black Caviar retired last 2013, but her undefeated winning streak hasn’t been surpassed yet.

As mentioned previously, mares are often used in sport horse breeding. However, their importance is often overlooked, as stallions are always thought to have the most influence in horse mating. Truth be told, mares are accountable for the 50 percent of a foal. Some breeding experts even contend that females govern more than 60 percent of an offspring’s characteristics. Let’s put it this way, mating an ordinary stallion with an exceptional mare will yield good foals. But if you mate a great stallion with a mediocre mare,  the offsprings are undesirable.

Australian and Chinese researchers have also studied the role that mares play in breeding thoroughbreds. They found out that elite mares have superior foals, irrespective of the performance of the stallion. This study only proves that the maternal line is important when breeding good thoroughbreds.

Breeding Champion Race Horses

What makes a champion? Heart? Talent? Breeding? A combination of all those things? When it comes to equestrian champions,  a champion race horse, it is sometimes a mystery and an enigma, when trying to decipher just what makes a true champion. Right now, we have the mighty mare, Winx, unbeaten on thirteen straight victories, with two of them being back-to-back Cox Plates. The Cox Plate is the greatest weight for age contest in Australia; experts declare this race to be this nation’s true test of a champion. The Melbourne Cup, as hugely popular as an international event as it is, is just a handicap event.

Breeding Champion Race Horses

Winx is very close to being the best race horse in the world right now. She decimated her opposition in her most recent Cox Plate victory, winning by more than eight lengths. Before Winx, we had Black Caviar, a champion sprinter who won twenty-five races from twenty-five. These included thirteen Group One races; and she was named world champion sprinter four years in a row. This impressive record will take some beating; and we are now seeing her progeny about to take the field. Will the bloodlines deliver a next generation of champions?

If it does it will be like free horse racing betting, if you can get on earlier enough in the sequence of wins, before the odds become minuscule. That is the only trouble with champion race horses, like Winx and Black Caviar, because for punters, the odds become prohibitive. Also, other owners and trainers try and avoid pitting their horses against these champions. We saw Winx running against just two other horses in a high stakes race last spring, because the competition feared her too much. Black Heart Bart was courageous, but just didn’t have it in him to bother Winx.

The race crowds love a champion, however, and they come out en masse to see horses like Black Caviar and Winx. The stands are full and the cheers are loud. Breeders spend inordinate hours studying bloodlines in an attempt to breed champions. Matching sire with dam and spending big dollars, often times, in that mysterious world of breeding thoroughbred horses. It has been the obsession of princes and kings, over the centuries, to seek the thoroughbred champion. To strut up the concourse and see their horse salute the winning post. To experience the rare elation of racing a true champion. This is the goal of all owners and their trainers.


Veterinary Chiropractors Getting Horses Up the Straight

Horses go through strenuous task on a regular basis. This is especially true when dealing with race horses. These types of horse train regularly to achieve their peak condition to prepare them for the racing event. Just like any other sport, accidents and injuries can happen even when utmost care and caution is practiced. Let us look at chiropractic treatments on animals & in particular horses in the racing industry.

Veterinary Chiropractors Getting Horses Up the Straight

It should be noted that chiropractic is known as a form of alternative medicine. It revolves around the diagnosis and treatment of unproven mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine. Chiropractors focus on conventional therapies such as physical therapy and lifestyle counseling to help their clients. Their focus on alternative forms of medicine such as advanced biostructural correction reduces the need for them to go through major and invasive surgeries. This in turn makes them a very much sought after service in the present.

The same chiropractic principle also applies well in treating animals. Horses in particular, have benefited greatly with the huge amount of benefits chiropractic treatment provides to them. One of its main features is that chiropractors not only treat the symptoms found in your race horse but also delves deeper in restoring and maintaining their health, soundness and performance. This in turn greatly reduces the likelihood of them getting injured in the future.

Injured horses also feel more calm and relaxed with the help of veterinary chiropractors as they are able to give them massage that is used to aid recovery while at the same time prevent muscle atrophy. Massage is also applied to release general muscle tension and to aid in helping achieve mental relaxation to the horses.

There might also be underlying problems trainers don’t know about their race horses which can be answered with the guidance of a veterinary chiropractor. For instance, their refusal to cooperate to you may be caused by significant pain or discomfort that they are feeling. This includes abnormal posture, reduced performance, difficulty turning or working in one direction, sensitivity to touch or grooming and even chronic weight loss. Chiropractors are able to read between the lines and delve deeper to discover the root of the problem. This in turn helps save horse trainers a fair amount of time and resources as there is no need to uncover the truth by themselves.

Animal chiropractors have been indeed growing in popularity with them offering treatment not only to the injured but also to aging pets. Dr. Stephanie Boehm, a licensed chiropractic physician and certified veterinary spinal manipulative therapist in South Elgin Illinois, offers chiropractic manipulation, soft tissue manipulation, cold laser therapy, basic rehabilitative work. Thinking outside the box rewards veterinarians as they are able to discover that Alternative Medicine can be used in conjunction with traditional sports medicine to provide sport horses with a winning edge.

Horse face several injuries such as equine scoliosis and it is good to hear that chiropractors are able to provide timely and effective treatment to their clients. Horses also feel happy when they are well taken care of. Acupuncture treatments, massages, chiropractic and dental care to keep horses in top form. This is the reason why many are starting to realize that equine rehabilitation is similar to sports therapy for people. Consider looking for a veterinary chiropractor for your horses.

Securing Your Equine Assets

Top quality horses are very valuable and must be protected from thieves. Security in the horseracing industry has improved greatly over the years. In the old days, when a racehorse was a favourite in an important race, there were nefarious elements looking to hinder that horse’s performance in any way they could. Nobbling horses was more common than you would think. Stables needed to be locked up and security guards ever vigilant. Today, that security and those locks are more sophisticated than they have ever been. Protecting these beautiful noble creatures is paramount for all horse owners, trainers and racetrack officials.

Securing Your Equine Assets

Every stable should have a strong relationship with a trusted locksmith, so, that there is a professional on hand to install and fix locks and other security devices. Locksmiths can organise CCTV cameras, security alarms, security fencing, security lighting and a host of other security measures. Whether your horse is a racehorse, equestrian eventer, or just a prized member of the family, you want their safety and security taken care of. Around horses you want people that you can trust and preferably experienced horse people. You are best advised to strictly control who has access to your horse or horses.

Even with security guards and firms you should thoroughly vet them. You cannot just assume that people will do the right thing. If there is money at stake, as there is in the gambling world of horseracing, people will do bad things for money. Obviously, your horses must be insured against injury and foul play. Horseracing is an expensive game to be involved with and you must be properly covered in case of something untoward happening. Securing your equine assets against accident or misadventure is a top priority.

There are ongoing cases involving the administering of cobalt to racehorses in this country. Trainers have lost their licenses and a host of associated racing people have also been suspended for lengthy periods. In some of these cases there have been investigations into Veterinarians, stable hands and stable managers. Questions about who has access to the horse and who is responsible for the fact that the horse tested positive for high levels of this substance. Security and security protocols around the stable are of the utmost importance in these situations. Lock up what you can lock up, record vision of what you can record and have trusted eyes and ears everywhere.


How to Make Your Online Betting Business Competitive In the Market

online betting site Link Detox

Online betting has been one of the most lucrative businesses because of their large customer base. But it always takes tons of work to establish a smoothly running betting site online. Whether you own a sports betting, horse betting or online gambling site, there are a myriad of things you need to do in order to maintain the ranking of your site as well as increase the customer base day by day. Here are tips on how to run and maintain an online betting business while realizing significant returns.

Find and Remove Toxic Backlinks Leading to Your Betting Site

For your online betting site to run effectively, you need to carry out a link audit and put up an elaborate risk management strategy. With Link Detox, you can perform backlink audit with ease and recover your SEO rankings from Google Penguin quickly. It also helps prevent your site from manual action penalties as well as Google Penguin problems associated with Real-Time Penguin updates. Moreover, using Link Detox, you can swiftly find risky links that might harm your site and carry out disavowal for you to earn your rankings back.

Improve Your Organic Traffic

A loss in your site’s SEO rankings means a loss in organic search traffic. Experiencing low search traffic might harm your online betting business greatly. In order to restore or improve your website’s organic traffic, you might need to clean up your backlink profile and come up with new low-risk and strong backlinks to your site. You can use Link Detox to assess link building opportunities, so as to have a pick on the strongest and Penguin-Safe links. It can also help you keep track of your competitors’ new backlinks so you can outrank them by applying what you learned from them.

Come Up With Highly Competitive Odds

If you’re planning to start or currently own an online betting site that majorly feature horse racing and sports betting, then you need to come up with odds that will promise customers of higher returns upon wagering. Be sure to include all the upcoming horse racing matches in your state or intermediate states of countries, so as to give customers a variety of choice when betting. Also, ensure you run fixtures of all the upcoming matches early enough so customers can have the freedom of betting for their favorite teams just before kick-off time.

Include Several Safe Payment Methods on Your Site

After working on the technical aspects to ensure your website ranks well on search engines, you need to include as many payment methods to your site as possible. This will allow your customers to deposit and withdraw funds from your site hassle-free. Ensure you include such payment methods as Visa card, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Skrill, Neteller, Maestro, Trustly, Western Union, bank transfer among others. That, combined with faster payments processing times can win trust from your customers, and your online betting business will thrive even faster than you though.

Managing an online sports and horse race betting website is never that easy. It requires heavy investment of time and resources. You need in learn from competitors in the business, establish competitive odds, offer convenient payment methods and build up strong backlinks and regularly carry out link audits in order to maintain organic search traffic. That way, your online betting business will boom and you’ll start earning big in a matter of time.

Horse Racing Business: How To Get Started

Horse Racing Business

If you love horses, you may have considered buying some of your own – and as a matter of fact, you may have already bought your own horses. Undoubtedly, if you own them, you understand the plenty of joy derived from these animals, but what you might not have known is that horses can also be a great source of income. One of the best ways in which horses can be used to generate income is by starting a horse racing business.

If this is something that is appealing to you, but you don’t know what you require in order to get started, here are some crucial steps that can enable you along your way.

Learn about raising and training racing horses

If already you own horses, some of the essential things that go into possessing these animals will be at your finger tips. You will need to recognize that rearing and training a racing horse is different from rearing and training an ordinary horse. It is very important that you begin by learning how racing horses are raised and trained before you even purchase a horse or take any moves toward establishing a horse racing business.

Come up with an effective business plan

Before you begin your business, you need to find various sources that will enable you to generate the necessary starting capital. It may be a bank loan, personal savings, or some other sources, but before even you think of raising that capital, it is beneficial that you come up with an appropriate business plan.

The planning process includes how much you will require when running your business and what type of workers you plan to employ. You should also know that horses require adequate land for training. If you don’t own a ranch, you will definitely need to lease or purchase one that measures at least 50 to 100 areas.

Succession planning

In evaluating the effectiveness of your business, it is important that you ensure that the succession planning process is successful. To achieve this, you should systematically monitor the performance records of your staff, evaluate activities and make significant adjustments. The mechanism for efficiently defining timelines, duties, and responsibilities of your staff is made possible through an effective succession planning.

Business valuation

It is very important to approximate the economic value of your interest in the business. It may reach a time when you decide to sell your business. The valuation records will therefore be used by the financial markets to determine the price that potential customers will be willing to pay to effect the sale of your business.

Be a member of a trusted racing association

It is recommended that you join a reliable racing association in order to obtain the right track for racing your horse. Once you become a registered member, you will be allowed to begin training your horse and get your animal ready for the races.

If you love horses, you may not have realized that you can transform this passion into a profitable business of horse racing; by taking the necessary steps, you will soon be in a position to start generating income from your passion for horses.

Lift Your Animal Care Business Up- Ideas to Inspire

Having debt in any business is not good. Not good at all. These kinds of things sometimes are unavoidable. There will always be the ups and downs in doing business, but sometimes it helps you learn more how to deal with these problems in the future. So it’s not really that bad, don’t you think? Now, going back to the debt, either small debt or big debt, same thing, right? It’s still a debt.

When someone has a huge amount of debt on you then you have to find some ways to recover that, ASAP! Look at this way, you could have used that amount of money in your business in many ways. There are no exemptions from debt; every type of business encounters debt. Even if you are in the animal business, you encounter debt. It might be that these customers want a pet so badly for their children but do not have the finances to handle the cost, but you trust them and let them pay later. Or a farmer who needs to procure the services of cattle that you are selling, so you let them pay it later. But now the problem is that they tend to delay the payment giving you excuses about this and that, and sometimes you don’t have to tolerate this.

After all, business is business. How would you approach a customer who is in debt to you? Maybe the customer owes you some money regarding the purchase of a pet or a farm animal or for the licenses of the pet. Above all, this would most likely have you to use your socializing skills. You have to know how to approach certain customers and, of course, knowing their personalities could be a big help. As the old saying goes like “the customers are always right,” but also sometimes these same customers are in debt to you, so you have to deal with them in such. Make sure you do this without damaging your relationship.

Every customer is important so treat them as such. Make sure they are in a good mood first and foremost, explain to them the situation, and make it subtle but straight to the point. Listen to each other’s side of the story, making it a peaceful discussion that could lead to an agreement. Find ways for the customer to pay it back without having to burden them. This way, slowly but surely, you will have the issue resolved in no time. But if worse comes to worse, there are always solicitors and other debt collecting firms in and around your local area to help you with this problem.

But take note that by these mediums, your relationship with your customers might be greatly affected, which might lead to losing them in the process. So you better weigh your options if the benefits outweigh the risks before pursuing this route. Now, your business lives because of your customers. Try to have a good relationship with them on the very first day you meet them. This will not only help you, but this will also help them. The better the relationship between you and them, the better you both handle any issues that are affecting you all.

Guide to Start Your Own Horse Racing Business

Interested in having a sports related business? You are currently on the right page. Thinking about a horse racing business is a great idea, yet you are setting yourself up in a serious matter because this is quite a big time industry with a popularity that is overwhelming. So, if you just got enough amount of money for a good start, and if you really are serious about it, here’s how you play the game of a horse racing business.

1. It is a must for you to have at least a little knowledge about what you are getting into. This time, you will be required to educate yourself about how to deal racehorses through a series of training. Try visiting some o local universities that may offer you degree in horse racing. This will help you in giving you the formal education

2. After the training and classes, with all your knowledge, you may now create your business plan. A plan that will not just cover your financial needs but also a plan that will inspire you to set long term goals for your business success. Another important thing for you to include are your criteria for choosing your staff, your business operations expenses and the salary of your employees.

3. You will need a ranch for your business, and with this, you may choose to either lease or purchase a ranch that will serve as the venue or headquarters for your kind of business. For a good start, a ranch that measures 50 up to 100 hectares will do much better than the smaller ones. As much as possible, choose a location that will provide your horses the stables as well as enough space for the practice and race tracks.

4. Now, you must purchase some horses that will serve as your stables for startup. When you are to stack new stables, there are two things for you to consider. The first thing is for you to purchase a horse that are from the award winning racers for this probably will give you just the same experience, and the other one is for you to just make sure that you purchase a horse that is a good catch, with strong build because this will cost you less.

5. You may now start to hire your people that will see to the maintenance of the cleanliness and quality of your ranch, as well as people who will train and raise your horse. You may also consider having your exclusive veterinarian and health kit to keep your race horses in good condition at all times.

6. Time for exposure, and it will do great for you to join with the association local at first of course with relevance to your business. There may be available associations in your area that will help you gather more of what you need for your business. This time, the spread of word will help you boost the popularity of your business.